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National Association of Home Builders. NAHB Executive Officers Council

Executive Officers have been selected to be a segment of the beta-tester group for the updated version of the NAHB Advocacy mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

This application is an expansion on the original NAHB Advocacy mobile app which allowed Legislative Conference attendees to easily access information while they were on Capitol Hill. Because NAHB received such positive feedback and requests to make the app usable year-round, an expanded version to include news, economics, a local Congressional and regulatory directory has been developed.

The app is available for download through iTunes and Google Play. If you currently have the app on your phone, feel free to update it.

FOR iPHONE and iPAD: To download, go to the App Store and search for “NAHB Advocacy.” Click to download and enter your Apple ID password. To update, go to the “Updates” tab in the App Store. Scroll to find the NAHB Advocacy App, and click “update.”

FOR ANDROID: To download, go to Google Play and search for “NAHB Advocacy.” Click to download. You may need to enter a password. To update, click on the three gray dots and choose “My Apps.” Scroll to find the NAHB Advocacy App and click “update.”

If you have any technical difficulties or want to provide additional feedback, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                         

NAHB Executive Officers Council. 1201 15th Street, NW | Washington, DC 20005-2800 USA





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