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Attention Exhibitors!

      The Building Industry Association proudly presents to you the 2020 North Central Ohio Home and Garden Show.

The BIA is excited and eager to extend our tradition within the community. Our commitment to host the North Central Ohio Home and Garden Show at the Mansfield Reformatory was a HUGE success this year as the year's past. This will be our 10th year there. We have doubled our vendor booth space since the first year.

This historical landmark will draw big crowds! Who can resist a visit to a famous prison where movies such as Shaw Shank Redemption, Tango & Cash, Air Force One and the newest Escape from Blood Prison were filmed. Tours of the prison will be available in conjunction with the North Central Ohio Home and Garden Show. There will be many different opportunities for businesses to display their goods and services at this event.

In addition to displaying in the historical prison halls, there will be a huge heated tent for outdoor equipment and landscaping. We serve breakfast and a pizza party for the vendors that participate in the show along with water, coffee and popcorn...more information available if you call the office. We would love to have you as an Exhibitor at our show! Follow the links below for Applications and Rules.

2020 Applications

2020 Guidelines and Rules / Regulations



Barber Shop
Barber Shop



Barbershop floor plan


Heated Tent


Guard Room floor plan







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